Tissue Bank – Allograft

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The Challenge

A Tissue Bank approached J-Pac Medical to provide a customized sieve/filter fabricated from medical grade textile mesh to be utilized in a specific tissue demineralization process

Current practice required engineers to fabricate a commercial mesh as needed to enable the particular process step.

The company wished to implement a quality improvement by upgrading to a medical grade mesh, and also to redesign and validate a process to provide the needed sieve/filter.

Our Solutions

J-Pac Medical identified an appropriate mesh alternative for the company, and also suggested specific fabrication methods that enabled the redesign and implementation of an improved sieve/filter.

This component is provided in a double barrier pouch put-up, and is terminally sterilized via Eto by J-Pac Medical.

The Results

The company improved tissue quality and regulatory compliance by ensuring medical grade processing, biocompatibility, and lot traceability.