Shaping products that shaped the future

J-Pac Medical was established over 40 years ago in Somersworth, New Hampshire as a family business specializing in thermoforming plastics.

This was a time of rapid change in the medical device industry. Healthcare and the devices required to deliver it were rapidly modernizing. J-Pac developed expertise in thermoformed medical components and was among the first companies in the U.S. to form plastics in a cleanroom.

That success spurred J-Pac’s transition from being a single-technology company toward offering a broader suite of end-of-line services including implantable textile forming and medical device final assembly and packaging.

As a result, long-term relationships with some of the industry’s biggest players were formed and the stage was set for J-Pac to develop the turnkey assembly & packaging and sterilization services we are known for today.

New skills, new markets

Lab technician working

Change remains a constant in healthcare, and we remain committed to developing new capabilities our customers rely on to keep the competitive edge.

Our entry into the point-of-care diagnostics market in 2006 provides a great example. With an advanced understanding of thermoforming and deep materials expertise, J-Pac developed reliable, repeatable manufacturing of microfluidic reagent storage blisters to enable point-of-care molecular diagnostic tests.

Today, we partner with dozens of developers to manufacture and package tens of millions of diagnostic reagent blisters each year.

To accommodate our medical device and diagnostics customers’ growth, we’ve added a secondary manufacturing and assembly facility in Costa Rica — a critical move that provides risk-mitigating redundancy and a pathway for cost savings.

Looking ahead

Medical device testing scenario

We believe the unique qualities that served us well so far will be even more instrumental in the future.

True technical depth. A passion for doing good work. A commitment to being accountable to our customers and to each other. A dedication to providing the best service and support to medical device and diagnostics companies of all sizes. We are the go-to manufacturing solution for companies that need to commercialize new medical and diagnostic consumables.

This team doesn’t just make stuff. We are technical and industry experts who deliver an uncommon level of guidance and collaboration with rigor, quality, passion and focus. We provide a turnkey, one-stop solution for single-use medical and diagnostic device outsourcing.

We get you to market fast and scale up with your growth, yet we’re nimble and flexible to offer a real, lasting partnership our competitors cannot provide. We continue to invest in bringing more capabilities under our roof to remain a true turnkey provider that’s always a step ahead.

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