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Custom Shaped Medical Textiles For Your Unique Application

J-Pac Medical provides medical textile contract manufacturing from cutting, forming, to final assembly. We use implantable medical textiles and films backed by the extensive expertise needed to create 2D or 3D shapes with woven, knitted, braided, or non-woven textiles, films, and more.

Using resorbable and non-resorbable polymers, we cleanroom assemble medical textile devices that are custom-shaped to meet unique anatomical and biological specifications, as well as facilitate shape transformation in situ.

Our medical textiles are frequently used in the following applications:

  • Soft Tissue Repair Implants
  • Cardiovascular Implants
  • Sports Medicine Textiles
  • Dental Textiles
  • Biomedical Filtration Textile Meshes
  • Tissue Scaffolds
  • Allograft Processing
  • Surgical Mesh
  • Suture Anchors
  • Catheter Tubulars

Due to our efficient processing capabilities, we are able to achieve material utilization of 85% or better, which increases the efficiency of production, reduces waste, and decreases your cost.

Allograft Processing Products for Tissue Banks

J-Pac is a leading manufacturer of custom fabricated mesh bags and filters for tissue bank allograft processing. Our superior fabricated mesh bags and filters are manufactured and sterilized to the highest quality standards to decontaminate and prepare allograft products for implantation.

By combining several medical apparatuses into a single sterile component kit, we enable:

  • Faster preparation of allografts
  • Quality improvement
  • Processing efficiency
  • Cost savings

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