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Turnkey Sterile Packaging Solutions

Turnkey Sterile Packaging Solutions

Our turnkey packaging services are ideal for sterile surgical and procedure kits where multiple components are packed together and lot control and traceability are of the highest importance. Our packaging processes are validated and we have a long track record of exceptional on-time delivery. We specialize in both small and medium volume products

We manage sterilization from protocol development, publishing final test results, and managing the ongoing sterilization process, including laboratory testing. We offer small lot sterilization as well as “single release” where no validation is required.

In-house Thermoforming

We provide better quality packaging because we control the thermoforming process of the packaging trays. We pride ourselves on our unparalleled ability to work with heavy gauge and other difficult materials such as polycarbonate. Our thermoformed packaging capabilities include post-forming fabrication to manufacturing thermoformed packaging with vents, handles, locking tabs, and welded internal components. We also provide customized trays to support specialized lyophilization processes.

Broad Array of Formats

J-Pac Medical packages sterile devices in eleven class 7 and 8 clean rooms. Formats include Form Fill Seal, Tray/Lid, Bags, and Foil Pouches. We also specialize in gas flushing and dry room packaging.

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