Sterile Medical Device Contract Assembly & Packaging

J-Pac Medical is the complete outsourcing partner for all your sterile medical device assembly, packaging, and sterilization.

J-Pac Medical has vast expertise in process control, tooling, and fixtures. Our highly skilled team is the reason for our success manufacturing and packaging single-use medical devices that require precision assembly.

The Right Medical Device Outsourcing Partner from Start to Finish

As a trusted contract manufacturing partner for medical device assembly and packaging, we provide:

  • More than 35 years of experience and expertise working with both large and small device OEMs, with a focus on assembly, packaging, and sterilization
  • Customer dedicated Class 7 and 8 cleanroom assembly
  • Medical device packaging design and validation to ISO 11607
  • In-house tooling and machining center
  • Prototype labs to support scale-up
  • Process validation program to ensure consistency
  • Manual and automated assembly to match volume and cost targets
  • Supply chain management
  • Lean manufacturing program to increase efficiency
  • ERP system with an integrated quality system

Medical Device Assembly & Packaging Services

J-Pac Medical is the leader in complete packaged, single-use, sterile medical devices. Our turnkey sterile medical device packaging services are ideal for 3D, multicomponent products.

Medical Device Assembly & Packaging Products

Our ability to work with thicker, harder to handle materials is unmatched. We perform post-forming fabrication and can manufacture thermoformed medical device packaging with vents.

J-Pac Medical has the expertise and industry knowledge to be your go-to manufacturing partner.

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Medical Textiles

J-Pac Medical is the trusted partner for producing the highest quality custom, implantable biomedical textile devices.

Diagnostic Reagent Blisters

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