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The Challenge A Tissue Bank approached J-Pac Medical to provide a customized sieve/filter fabricated from medical grade textile mesh to be utilized in a specific tissue demineralization process Current practice required engineers to fabricate a commercial mesh as needed to enable the particular process step. The company wished to implement a quality improvement by upgrading to a...

Turnkey Sterile Medical Device Packaging Solutions

Turnkey Sterile Medical Device Packaging and Sterilization Solutions Our turnkey packaging services are ideal for sterile surgical and procedure kits where multiple components are packed together and lot control and traceability are of the highest importance. Our packaging processes are validated and we have a long track record of exceptional on-time delivery. We specialize in medical device contract manufacturing of both small and…


Establishing Shelf Life of Medical Devices

Determining a medical device’s shelf life can be one of the more challenging aspects of a new device development program. Manufacturers must account for internal (component interactions and material degradation) and external (manufacturing, sterilization, shipping and storage) variables that will influence shelf life claims. These claims are developed via rigorous testing. An ideal shelf life testing strategy is proposed.


Validating Medical Device Assembly, Packaging, & Sterilization

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are the most frequent adverse event in the delivery of healthcare services worldwide. Ensuring the sterility of medical devices is a critical step in the overall effort to reduce the rate of infections in hospitals and other healthcare settings.