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Allograft Processing Bags

Features Medical grade materials – ISO 10993 biocompatibility Polypropylene and Polyester Off the shelf materials Pore sizes ranging from .05mm to 4.0mm Multiple mesh weight and knit formats available ETO or steam Autoclave sterilization compatible Customizable based on customer needs Pore size of mesh Size of bags Particulate-free edges Packaged individually or bulk Pre-package washing…


Biomedical Textiles Devices

Biomedical Textile Devices J-Pac is a leading manufacturer of biomedical textile devices, many of which must adhere to stringent anatomical geometries. We manufacture implantable-class textile based devices in four Class 7 clean rooms which contain customized equipment allowing 3D shaping without altering the base geometry and strength of the textile material. Our textile products are…


Resorbable Polymer Implants: Attention to WIP Exposure

This white paper is meant to identify critical considerations related to WIP Exposure vulnerabilities of resorbable polymers. A structured and disciplined assessment of the different contributors to the Overall Exposure Risk will enable a fact based decision pathway that will result in the establishment of a repeatable and capable manufacturing, packaging and sterilization processes that reduce device degradation. The result will be a consistently performing, efficacious product with optimized shelf life.


The Challenge A Medical Device company with a broad presence in the soft tissue repair surgical segment came to J-Pac with a challenge to manufacture a 3-Dimensional shaped, multi-component textile implant. The company had prototyped the product, but had failed to find a suitable manufacturer after a global search. Our Solutions J-Pac Medical provided the tooling, equipment...