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With state-of-the-art facilities in Somersworth, New Hampshire and Costa Rica, J-Pac Medical supports 70,000 total square feet of dedicated medical device manufacturing, assembly and packaging space. We help innovative medical and molecular diagnostics companies speed time-to-market and scale up manufacturing for the long term.

Using Wet Reagent Blisters in Point of Care Microfluidic Diagnostic Cartridges Learn how to solve common blister design problems and make blister manufacture an efficient piece of your diagnostic program. Our panel will discuss: The most important questions point-of-care diagnostic companies ask about reagent blisters Blister design and manufacturing choices that impact performance and cost...

J-Pac Medical CEO, Jeff Barrett, discusses medical device design, packaging and sterilization validation on SPOT Radio with host Charlie Webb. Understanding ISO 11607 allows contract packagers to avoid failures due to packaging system design, feasibility testing and packaging system as a whole.