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Medical device assembly technicians working on an automated device assembly line.

An agile supply chain for better medical device outsourcing results

J-Pac has been a trusted medical device outsourcing partner for more than 40 years. While many medical device contract manufacturing companies have grown to be lethargic through vertical integration, J-Pac has remained customer-focused, nimble, and responsive through virtual integration. We call this our Agile Supply Chain where we let best-in-class component suppliers focus on their expertise while we bring it all together with cleanroom assembly, packaging, contract sterilization, and supply chain management of single-use medical devices, bioabsorbable implants,microfluidic diagnostic consumables, and PPE face shields.

A key part of our supply chain is to offer dual sourcing to our customers. We have duplicate manufacturing in Costa Rica that adds a low cost capability as well as a second location for customers who require dual sourcing.

Medical Device Outsourcing Products and Services

We are experts in total supply chain coordination and not beholden to specific component manufacturing technologies. Our expertise allows us to handle a large variety of medical device, lab on chip reagent, and bioabsorbable implant product lines. From rapid prototyping, package design, and sterilization validation to assembly, contract sterilization and supply chain management, J-Pac is a full-service medical device contract manufacturing, assembly, and sterilization partner.


Our expertise in medical grade polymers is part of our company DNA. Over the years we’ve developed expertise in three product segments: packaging, textiles, and diagnostic reagent blisters.

Sterile catheter packaged in a custom thermoformed tray with built-in coiling dispenser. Designed for pouch and Tyvek lid.

Single-Use Medical Devices

J-Pac’s single-use medical device product segment includes sterile medical devices composed of multiple plastic and metal components that are assembled, tested, custom packaged, and sterilized. We dramatically reduce product development time by optimizing packaging and shelf-life in parallel with design. Additionally, we manage the entire supply chain to ensure dependable delivery.

Hernia repair medical mesh formed to be anatomically correct and processed to provide smooth edges to reduce tissue scarring.

SImplantable Medical Textiles

Implantable medical textiles are used in a host of tissue processing and repair procedures in sports medicine, hernia repair, allograft processing, and filtration. We form anatomically correct textiles with stable mechanical properties. Our textiles use polypropylene knits and polyester eaves with pore sizes of 0.005-4.0 mm and polyester weaves with pore sizes of 0.005-3.0 mm. All of our textiles are medical grade and have passed hemolysis, cytotoxicity, and LAL testing.

Diagnostic reagent blisters mounted to a microfluid diagnostic consumable.

Diagnostic Reagent Blisters

Diagnostic reagent blisters are an innovative solution to provide unit dose reagent dispensing for microfluidic-based tests. Products are manufactured using cold-formed, multi-layer foils designed for specific reagent chemicals. J-Pac has been a leader and pioneer in this technology that is commonly used for point-of-care diagnostics using Lab on a chip consumables. We offer full design services, prototyping, low- and high-volume production, and can handle DNA-free applications.

COVID Face Shields

COVID Face Shields

J-Pac manufactures face shields for COVID to protect both medical and nonmedical personnel from harmful infections. We manufacture full face shields in our FDA registered US manufacturing facility. Our medical face shields are designed to be reusable, which dramatically reduces cost and impact to the environment. They are made from optically clear PETG and have been ANSI certified as required by the FDA and CDC.


We offer a full suite of contract manufacturing and cleanroom assembly services for sterile medical devices and packaging, including design for manufacturability (DFM) and rapid prototyping. Our services are provided across all three of our product segments.

Manufacturing Technologies

J-Pac uses a broad array of manufacturing technologies across all our market segments. If we don’t have a technology in-house, we either find high-quality suppliers or invest in the technology ourselves.

Our manufacturing technologies include:

Medical Device Markets

Our products and services support a wide variety of medical procedures:

  • PPE face shields
  • General Surgery
  • Orthopedic
  • Spine
  • Vascular
  • Gastrointestinal (GI)
  • Neurology
  • Thoracic
  • Cath Lab
  • Cardiac
  • Sports Medicine
  • Sports Medicine
  • Allograft
  • Plastic Surgery
  • Diagnostics including molecular
  • Dental
  • Animal Health

ISO 13485 Quality and FDA Compliance

We were one of the first medical device contract manufacturing companies to be certified to the new ISO 13485:2016 standard. We are FDA registered. We are licensed by the board of pharmacy. We operate both /class 7 and 8 cleanrooms.

Our employees are provided with our own COVID face shields to maintain a safe environment. In addition to ensuring safety, this helps ensure quality production as employees have less worry.

Our People

Our experienced team goes beyond making quality medical devices - we provide the expertise, commitment, and deep industry knowledge to help our customers succeed in their markets. Rigor, quality, passion, speed, and focus are not just ideas at J-Pac Medical – they are our reality.

J-Pac Medical understands you need more than a contract manufacturer; you need a trusted medical device outsourcing partner that adds value every step of the way.

Medical Face Shields

Medical face shields are an important part of a healthcare worker PPE program. Our safety face shields are produced in our FDA registered medical device factory and made in the USA.

Nurse wearing J-shield medical face mask

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