J-Pac Medical Announces New EtO Sterilization Services

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J-Pac Medical has commenced EtO sterilization services. New Ethylene Oxide services include “worst case,” EO exposure cycles to support packaging validation and material compatibility studies important to new medical device development. J-Pac also offers sterilization cycle development as well as contract sterilization for small footprint devices as well as bioabsorbable implants that need low-temperature EtO processing.

“J-Pac is committed to providing our customers with turnkey services for all aspects of medical device assembly and sterile packaging,” said Jeff Barrett, CEO. “We are excited that we can support customers developing new devices that may have limited access to sterilization capacity. Additionally, our unique capability in dry-room packaging of bioabsorbable devices combined with on-site sterilization provides customers with the shortest possible environmental exposure that can degrade the devices.”

J-Pac is an ISO 13485:2016 certified supplier of assembled, packaged and sterilized medical and diagnostic devices. J-Pac is a manufacturing solution for both large and small medical device and diagnostic companies that need a one-stop manufacturing partner for single-use medical devices, biotextile products, and point-of-care diagnostic consumables.

For more information contact:

Kienan Hibbard

Director of Program Management