J-Pac Introduces 3D Printing of Functional Medical Device Prototypes

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3d printed working prototype

J-Pac Medical, a leading manufacturing and packaging outsourcing partner, has added unique 3D printing capability to assist medical device and diagnostic companies further. This manufacturing technology enables J-Pac to produce end-use strong, functional prototypes of medical device components within hours.

Using a unique technology, J-Pac produces functional components 1.4 times stronger than acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) as well as components that can replicate machined aluminum. The technology also allows J-Pac to supplement its in-house machine shop with quick-turn tooling capabilities.

“The manufacturing costs to produce end-use quality medical device plastic prototypes can be very high and involve long lead-times. Traditional 3D printing can be helpful to evaluate a part’s look and fit but lack the strength to properly evaluate functionality. J-Pac’s 3D printing services go beyond these limitations by producing extremely strong prototypes that can be used to evaluate the rigors that the final part would experience,” said Jeff Barrett, CEO of J-Pac Medical.

About J-Pac Medical
J-Pac Medical is a trusted manufacturing and packaging outsourcing partner to medical device and diagnostic companies seeking to deliver superior quality, improve time-to-market, and simplify the supply chain for single-use medical devices. With more than 30 years of experience in complex thermoplastic devices and packaging, J-Pac Medical has the unique technology that allows it to manufacture anatomically correct, class III implantable textile assemblies, lab-on-chip reagent blisters, and complex thermoformed packaging. Additionally, the company offers full-service supply chain management, packaging, and sterilization. The largest medical device companies in the world rely on J-Pac Medical to help meet the most challenging development, manufacturing, and logistics and supply chain challenges. Learn more at j-pacmedical.com.