Cold formed foil diagnostic blister array used for point-of-care diagnostics

Diagnostic Microfluidic Reagent Blisters Products

J-Pac’s reagent delivery technologies centers on pierce blister technology, where the diagnostic test equipment pierces and releases the fluid reagent into a receiving “well” on a microfluidic card. Once dispensed the reagent is available to flow through the card’s channels.

Our highly automated production methods ensure precise reagent filling and packaging, allowing tests to be consistent and reproducible.

We are capable of 100% fill blisters for applications where no air or low oxygen levels must be maintained.

Microfluidic Reagents: Perfect for your Purpose

We customize to the following specifications:

  • Blister Fill Volume
  • Shape & Size
  • Configuration
  • Blister Packaging
  • Quantity

Whether your business needs 10,000 or ten million reagent blisters, J-Pac Medical designs, validates, and produces microfluidic reagents to meet your requirements on-site.

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