Cold formed foil diagnostic blister array used for point-of-care diagnostics

Lab on a chip Diagnostic Reagent Blisters

Burst blisters with single dose reagent for point-of-care diagnostics

Innovative Reagent Storage Solutions for Point-of-Care Diagnostics

As diagnostic tests move closer to the point-of-care, reagent storage and delivery methods become a challenge. J-Pac Medical’s Lab on a chip reagent blisters allow reagents to be stored directly on the microfluidic cartridge, enabling the smaller footprint required by point-of-care diagnostic tests.

Blister technology from J-Pac Medical facilitates the development of in vitro diagnostic (IVD) consumables. J-Pac, a pioneer in reagent blister technology, is an expert in the design and manufacturing of reagent blisters. Some of the benefits of our reagent blisters include:

  • On-Chip Storage: Diagnostic reagents are stored directly on the microfluidic cartridge
  • Precise Reagent Dispensing: Only the microfluidic reagent volume required for the point-of-care test is stored
  • Simple Diagnostic Blister Activation: Dispensing can be controlled by mechanical compression of the reagent blister or post-release metering within the microfluidic cartridge
  • Prototype to Full-Scale Production: J-Pac offers both small and high-volume production solutions from the 100s to tens of millions.
  • Air-Free: 100% blister fill technology for zero headspace microfluidic reagent blisters that minimizes air from entering microfluidic channels
  • Low-Oxygen Reagents: Oxygen levels can be reduced to less than 2% using cutting edge vacuum filling technology
  • DNA/RNA Free: Complete DNA/RNA mitigation to avoid false positives for sensitive molecular diagnostic tests. Class VII and Class VIII cleanroom assembly
  • Turnkey Solution: Complete diagnostic consumable cartridge outsourcing including blister mounting, diagnostic cartridge contract manufacturing, and supply chain management

J-Pac is the industry leader in the design and manufacturing of diagnostic reagent blisters. Learn more about our products and services to help get your point-of-care diagnostic test to market.

Lab-on-a-chip Reagent Blister

Diagnostic Reagent Blisters Services

We offer reagent blister services from Lab on a chip reagent blister design and validation to automated reagent blister production and cartridge contract manufacturing.

Microfluidic Diagnostic Test Cartridge

Diagnostic Reagent Blisters Products

We produce multiple reagent blister sizes and shapes to meet your unique Lab on a chip reagents needs.

The Latest from the Diagnostic Reagent Blister Experts at J-Pac Medical

Helpful information and updates about Point-of-Care Diagnostic Reagent Blisters and Diagnostic Consumables.

Product Sheets

Download the details you need about Diagnostic Reagent Blisters products and services from J-Pac Medical.


Learn more about point of care reagent blisters by reading a few of the most common questions we hear from our customers.

What volumes can be filled?

Clear Blister

Clear Blister

Liquid filled blister with clear reservoir and foil lid. Custom sealing pattern controls activation strength. Clear lids also enable laser welding.

Microfluidic reagent filling is custom to the application. A general range is between 30-1,000 ?L.

What materials do you offer?

Multi Blister Array

Multi Blister Array

Cold-formed foil blisters used for onboard reagent storage. Multiple blister shapes and volumes can be included on the same array.

We select materials based on the specific needs for reagent chemistry. For most applications, a multi-layered foil material is used that consists of a lidding foil and forming foil.

How do you actuate a blister?

Various sized reagent blisters

Various sized reagent blisters

Reagent blisters from 25 to 150 microliters.

We have experience in many actuation methods. Common approaches include lancing, mechanical compression, and rolling.

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J-Pac Medical is the trusted partner for producing the highest quality custom, implantable biomedical textile devices.

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