Diagnostic Reagent Blisters

Innovative Microfluidic Reagents

Microfluidic diagnostic platforms using J-Pac Medical’s lab-on-chip reagent blisters .allow reagents to be stored on the microfluidic chips.

Frangible and burst seals from J-Pac Medical provide a myriad of benefits for In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD) and near-patient, point-of-care diagnostic testing including:

  • Precise Unit-of-Use Volume Reagent Dispensing: Only the volume required for the test is stored
  • Seamless Integration with Point-of-Care Test Platforms: Actuation is performed manually or through automation
  • Reduce Costs: A cost-efficient way to improve near-patient diagnostics solutions
  • Zero Instrument Contamination: Perfectly controlled release to the intended location
  • Replicable: Precise filling and dispensing by design; single or multiplex options
  • Protection: Prevent gas exchange compared to on-board reagent storage in plastic or drop applicators

J-Pac Medical is the trusted partner for developing and manufacturing microfluidic reagent packaging that is required for molecular diagnostics and other point-of-care tests.

Diagnostic Reagent Blisters Services

J-Pac Medical helps medical companies bring new and improved diagnostic products to market quickly and affordably with help from our lab-on-chip...

Diagnostic Reagent Blisters Products

J-Pac Medical has developed two reagent delivery technologies for common lab-on-chip formats: burst (pierce-able) and frangible seal blisters.

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