Diagnostic Reagent Sample Kits Available

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As diagnostic tests move closer to the point-of-care, reagent storage and delivery methods become a challenge. J-Pac Medical’s lab-on-a-chip reagent blisters allow reagents to be stored directly on the microfluidic cartridge, enabling the smaller footprint required by point-of-care diagnostic tests.

Diagnostic Reagent Sample Kits

J-Pac Medical offers Diagnostic Reagent sample kits to give your company the ability to evaluate, test, and improve your product before you go into full production. You can choose water-filled kits (to test form and function while saving the cost of using your reagents), or you can supply the reagent fluid for realistic prototype testing. Order in quantities as low as 25.

Experiment with samples to compress your development time, reduce costs, and improve your POC diagnostic tests.

Sample Kit Pricing & Ordering Details