As more and more providers adopt a decentralized healthcare delivery model, the need to offer a wider range of diagnostic tests nearer to patients will continue to increase.

J-Pac Medical guides diagnostics companies toward faster, more affordable commercial launch of new and improved microfluidic diagnostic products with microfluidic cartridge and reagent blister packs manufacturing capacity ranging from a few thousand to tens of millions of units annually.

Reagent blister packs that meet your requirements

Too often, companies developing new or improved point-of-care tests are forced into large contract manufacturers’ rigid platforms and strict throughput requirements.

Turnkey reagent blister design, testing, process development and manufacturing from J-Pac Medical gives companies single-source program guidance and execution for the lifetime of their project, from initial design prototyping through ramp-up to full commercial production.

Our highly automated production methods ensure precise reagent filling and packaging for superior stability and more consistent clinical outcomes.

Blister samples & sample kits available

If you’re concerned that your current blister manufacturer cannot meet your requirements, or are vetting diagnostic reagent blister contract manufacturers, J-Pac Medical offers diagnostic reagent blister development kits that allow customers to test lab-on-a-chip reagent blisters with their chosen microfluidic formats.

Samples are provided in a variety of sizes and fill volumes. We can also fill blisters with your unique reagents in small volumes. To learn more or order, click here.

Microfluidic cartridge and reagent blisters prototyping and contract manufacturing

J-Pac Medical offers critical blister design assistance to meet unique customer requirements in a validated blister platform that can be repeatedly manufactured.

We use the same equipment for prototyping that is specified for commercial production. If that requires equipment we don’t already have in-house, we’ll make the investment.

We customize to the following specifications:

  • Blister pack fill volume
  • Blister shape, size and other dimensional characteristics
  • Microfluidic cartridge manufacturing
  • Console actuating force
  • Reagent blister pouch automation
  • Quantity

Our processes are designed for modularization, allowing us to produce our own tooling quickly when needed.

Testing & validation

On-site testing includes inspecting reagent blister pack fill volume, seal strength and dimensional stability. We validate reagent blister filling and sealing using accelerated aging studies to assess how time impacts seal strength, forming the basis for reagent blister shelf life claims.

Process development

We develop reagent blister forming, filling and sealing processes around customers’ specific product requirements. We follow a design of experiments (DOE) approach to develop your process parameters.


J-Pac Medical offers manual, semi-automated and fully automated diagnostic reagent blister packaging and microfluidic cartridges in-house, and customizes processes based on suitability to the customer’s unique commercialization needs.

Process development will leverage the same forming, filling and sealing technologies as full-scale production to assure a consistent, quality product once production begins.

Supply chain management

As a leading reagent blister pack manufacturing partner for over two decades, we’ve developed an extensive network of suppliers of standard and custom blister foils, lidding and ISO-certified custom reagents.

Meeting unique requirements

For more complex designs or more sensitive reagent selections, J-Pac Medical has unique processing capability in the areas of degassing mineral oil to low-oxygen levels and 100% filling.

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Blister samples & sample kits

Sample blisters available in multiple sizes and fill volumes

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