Contract Packaging of Single-Use Surgical Kits
Nurse with medical face shield

J-Shield Medical Face Shield

J-Shield is a reusable medical face shield developed for the medical community.

J-Shield medical face shield benefits:

  • Protection of face, neck and ears
  • Comfort fit. Easy adjust.
  • Resistant to most disinfectants
  • Room for masks and eyeglasses
  • Anti-Fog & Latex Free
  • Reusable


  • 1-4 Cases $163.75/case ($6.55/unit)
  • 5-40 Cases: $147.50/case ($5.90/unit)
  • 41+ Cases: $124.75/case ($4.99/unit)

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(25 Units per case)

Terms and Conditions for Sale

Cancellation: Orders are produced to order and are not cancellable.
Returns: The Company treats all product received by the customer as potentially contaminated and will not accept returns. Products determined, at J-Pac’s discretion to be defective, are limited to replacement.
Reuse: While the materials have been tested to resist damage from 10% bleach, 70% IPA, Virex and equivalents, the Company does not make any claims about performance if reused. Responsibility for reuse validation rests solely with the customer.



Shield Length: 8”

Shield Material: PETG – Medical Grade

Foam Depth to Forehead: 1”

Foam Material: Closed Cell Medical Grade Foam

Cleaning: 10% Bleach, 70% Alcohol, Virex or Equivalent

Manufacturing: ISO 13485:2016

J-Pac is FDA Registered. Location: Somersworth, NH

(plus 3.5% for credit card processing)

Qty Per Case: 25

Leadtime: Determined @ Order

Quality Certification: ANSI Z87.1-2015 Face Protection Devices

P/N: JP0001, J-Shield Regular


Learn more about J-Shields Medical Face Shields by reading a few of the most common questions we hear from our customers.

What are your payment terms?

J-Shield - Medical Face Shield

J-Shield - Medical Face Shield

J-Shield - Medical Face Shields

Face shield orders require 100% payment prior to shipment. The freight terms are FOB Somersworth NH. We can arrange transportation. We can also work with your freight carriers and carrier accounts.

How can I order medical face shields?

J-Shield - Medical Face Shield

J-Shield - Medical Face Shield

J-Shield - Medical Face Shields

You can order J-Shield face shields on J-Pac’s web site ( ) and pay with a credit card. You can also call us at 603-692-9955. You will speak to a person that will help you.

Why are these medical face shields better?

Medical Face Shield

J-Shield Medical Face Shield

J-Shield medical face shields

The J-Shield Face Shield is an FDA Class I medical device. Our face shields provide larger face coverage than many face shields on the market. The materials used for the face shield are 100% medical grade and chemical resistant: closed cell foamintegrated PETG head strap and medical grade visor. A key feature of the J-Shield face Shield is the medical grade closed cell head foam and the strap feature, which do not absorb contaminants such as sweat, make-up and cleaning chemicals. They are easily decontaminated.

The face shield visor was designed with clinical feedback from world renowned medical institutions. Additional specifications can be downloaded at

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