Customers depend on J-Pac Medical to provide cost-effective, reproducible packaging that offers consistently successful delivery, safeguards against contamination, reduces waste and increases speed to market.

Our highly skilled team members partner with customers and apply their expertise to create packaging products that meet various requirements, offering market-ready and effective solutions to even the most complex medical device challenges.
J-Pac Medical’s key areas of expertise include:

  • Package design and development
  • Tooling design and fabrication
  • Packaging process development and validation
  • Package testing through strategic partners
  • Clean room thermoforming to provide medical grade trays
  • Packing and heat sealing of primary sterile barrier packaging supporting sterile delivery techniques
  • Secondary packaging flow, including GS-1 labeling to meet global requirements
  • Sterilization process validation and routine processing through strategic partners

J-Pac Medical brings extensive experience in thermoformed tray design and fabrication:

  • Sterile delivery techniques are considered in every design
  • All trays processed in Class 8 clean rooms
  • Specialized polycarbonate trays that are dry heat or autoclave sterilization compatible
  • Post-forming machining of needed processing features (i.e. flanges, vents, tabs, etc.) for Lyophilization processing trays