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Diagnostic Reagent Sample Kits

As diagnostic tests move closer to the point-of-care, reagent storage and delivery methods become a challenge. J-Pac Medical’s lab-on-chip reagent blisters allow reagents to be stored directly on the microfluidic cartridge, enabling the smaller footprint required by point-of-care diagnostic tests.

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Sample Blister Fluid Volume
Dim. (Inches) 30μl 130μl 500μl 1,000μl
Height 0.108 0.175 0.26 0.268
Diameter 0.394 0.585 0.875 0.988
Flange 0.065 0.118 0.096 0.118
Pierce Dia. 0.264 0.375 0.625 0.752
Quantity Water Filled (In-Stock)
25 $250
100 $500
250 $1,000
500 $1,500
Customer Supplied Reagent
<1000 $1,500 plus $5/ea
1000-2000 $1,500 plus $4/ea

About J-Pac Medical

J-Pac Medical is the trusted manufacturing and packaging outsourcing partner to medical device companies seeking to deliver superior quality, improve time-to market, and simplify the supply chain for single-use medical devices.

Diagnostic Reagent Blisters

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